UNDER PROPAGATION.  Hot afternoons on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean is what this lovely evergreen shrub evokes. The arching stems of Nerium Oleander are clothed in leathery pointed leaves and bear at their tips clusters of tubular trumpet-like flowers of crimson red. Surprisingly hardy but probably best in a big pot that can be brought in over winter. Great patio or conservatory plant. Sunny position. Any reasonable soil. 3 feet. 2 litre pot.

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Nerium Oleander is native to areas from the Mediterranean to China where it grows in seasonally dry streambeds. It is a tough plant in many respects and will withstand drought and salt laden air (making it a good choice for coastal locations) but, although it will take a light frost, it is better to protect it or move it indoors in winter. We think it makes a splendid specimen in a pot in any case.

Cultivation of the oleander bush goes back a long way: it features in many of the Roman wall paintings in Pompeii, for instance. It is famously toxic, but as long as you don't eat or ingest any parts of the plant, it won't do you any harm.

Prune lightly in spring to maintain shape. We find that taking one stem in three hard back is a good way of keeping it nice and bushy when it is mature. If in a pot, feed it during the growing season on an occasional basis and your nerium oleander will be a happy one.

Here is a short video clip simply showing off a splendid specimen Nerium Oleander, demonstrating how lush and lovely they can be:

Nerium Oleander is an evergreen shrub with leathery green leaves and trumpet shaped crimson red flowers in summer suitable as a patio or indoor plant.

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