Philadelphus Innocence is a shrub that just about has it all, including an evocative name. The foliage is variegated, green, gold and creamy white, so looks attractive all season. In early summer it is smothered in large, pure white flowers with one of the best scents around. What more could you ask for? Sun or semi-shade. Any well drained soil. To 8 feet. 2 litre pot.

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For us Innocence is simply the best Philadelphus because the foliage prevents it looking too ordinary when out of flower, which is a problem with other varieties, nice as they are in bloom.

The genus Philadelphus comprises some 60 species, native to the Americas, Asia and Europe, so covering a fair part of the globe. The name means brotherly love (Quaker William Penn gave the city of Philadelphia its name for this reason), but why this should be applied to a flowering shrub, however beautiful, we are not sure. Some aver that it actually derives from Ptolemy II Philadelphus who was king of Ptolemaic Egypt from 283 to 246 BC: again, we are clueless as to why that might be! But what’s in a name, it’s a beautiful shrub that will provide you with much pleasure.

Prune Philadelphus Innocence after flowering, as it flowers on the previous season's growth.

In the video below Dan Gill sings the praises of Philadelphus in general.

Philadelphus Innocence is a hardy shrub with variegated green and yellow leaves and scented white flowers in early to mid summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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