AVAILABLE 2020. Pieris Flaming Silver is a compact evergreen shrub that provides interest in the garden all year round. Early spring sees bunches of white lily of the valley shaped flowers followed by clusters of bright red new leaves. These turn pink then cream and finally dark green but retain a silvery edging that makes them really stand out. Pieris Flaming Silver is a true little star. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable, preferably acid, soil. 3 to 4 feet. 2 litre pot.

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The genus Pieris is widespread in Asia and North America, with native habitats comprising wooded areas and mountain slopes. Flaming Silver is a variety of the species P. Japonica, which - no surprises - is from Japan. The name of the genus is perhaps taken from Pieria, said to be the birthplaces of the Muses of Greek mythology, thouigh it may also refer to the Pierides, the nine daughters of Pierus, who challenged the Muses to an arts competition. And lost. Make of that what you will.

Pieris Flaming Silver doesn't require much in the way of attention. If you need to prune to keep in shape, it's best to do this just after flowering once the risk of hard frosts is past. Nothing else is needed, which makes ity a bit of a bargain, given the pleasure it provides.

The video below features the biggest specimen of Pieris Flaming Silver that we have ever seen - normally you would expect it to be around half the height of this one!

Pieris Flaming Silver is a hardy evergreen shrub with variegated green and silver leaves, red when young, and white bell flowers in spring suitable for shade.

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