AVAILABLE AGAIN NEXT SEASON. Shrubby potentillas are a good call for a long flowering plant that will tolerate poor soil and dry conditions. The lovely Potentilla Bella Sol has large flowers of an indisputably sunny orange shade that decorate the spreading mound of foliage in summer. Prefers full sun. Any reasonable soil. 2 to 3 feet. 2 litre pot.

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Potentilla Bella Sol was introduced for the 2017 season so it is still a pretty new variety. Van Belle nurseries distribute it in North America as part of their Bloomin’ Easy series (don’t you just hate those marketing names?), and it is indeed in all respects an undemanding little shrub that requires little or no maintenance in return for several months of blooming with those big orange flowers that tend to deepen in hue as they age.

Like so many garden varieties, Bella Sol is derived from Potentilla Fruticosa, which is found in Europe, Asia and North America and asks not much more than a good sunny spot with soil that needs to be little other than reasonably well drained. Historically it had supposed medicinal properties, and the genus name reflects this deriving from the Latin potens, meaning powerful. The fruticosa bit you might imagine to have something to do with fruit, but you’d be wrong, as the Latin word has the sense of bushy or shrubby. Even the common name of shrubby cinqefoil takes a bit of thinking about, unless you have half decent French, in which case you will know that it means five-leafed, referring to the five fingers to each leaf.

If you want all the lowdown you could possibly need on Potentilla Bella Sol, you will find it on the Bloomin’ Easy (grrrr…) site here.

Or if you are satisfied with a quick video, here you are:

Potentilla Fruticosa Bella Sol is a compact hardy deciduous shrub with saucer shaped orange flowers from early summer to autumn suitable for full sun.

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