AVAILABLE SPRING 2020. Now this is a lovely small evergreen shrub: Prostanthera Cuneata reaches a mere 2 to 3 feet in height, but its branches like outstretched arms are clothed in tiny glossy green leaves that release a delightful scent when brushed against, and summer sees them covered in white flowers with purple-dotted centres. Desirable indeed. Full sun. Any reasonable soil. To 36 in. 2 litre pot.

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We love Prostanthera Cuneata, especially when the flowers appear along the branches in summer. It doesn't ask much of you in return for the pleasure it gives and can largely be left to get on with things all on its own. If you need to, just reduce the length of the branches with secateurs as required; best to do this before mid-season to allow time for new growth to develop. The growth habit can be as spreading as it is upright, and it won’t get too big for its boots - or the place you planted it.

Prostanthera Cuneata is found in Australia, its native habitat being alpine and subalpine areas in New South Wales and Tasmania. It has the common name of alpine mint bush, and when you crush the leaves and release their strong scent, you can understand why that’s so. It’s such a good plant, with so many positive attributes, that it’s surprising it’s not seen more often in these parts.

No audio in the video below, other tham a musical background, but some good views of Prostanthera Cuneata in full bloom.

Prostanthera Cuneata is a low growing hardy evergreen shrub with scented glossy leaves and white flowers with purple centres in summer suitable for full sun.

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