Definitely one for the chocoholic, but you don't need to be addicted to the cocoa bean to appreciate Rosa Hot Chocolate. The buds of this truly individual rose open orangey russet then develop into richly scented double blooms in a distinctive smoky light chocolate colouration. And it's a floribunda so flowers right through the season. Delicious, we say. Good shape and disease resistance. Full sun is best. Any reasonable soil. 36 in. 3 litre deep pot.


We have a Rosa Hot Chocolate in a large pot in our display area and it is as yummy as it sounds. It’s seemingly bomb-proof, never showing any signs of a problem from insects or diseases, and flowers profusely for almost as many months as there are in a year. Having said that, it does need pruning back to near the base in early spring, so that puts a stop to any flowering antics for a while.

Rosa Hot Chocolate was, apparently, the first ‘brown’ rose when it was introduced by breeders Carruth in 2005. In the following year it won an award for Novelty Rose of the Year. Hmm. The title of that prize doesn’t really do it justice, we feel. Whatever, it’s a beauty.

Deadhead as required in the flowering season. Prune back a bit in autumn then more vigorously in early spring.

This short video has some good close up views of Rosa Hot Chocolate.

Rosa Hot Chocolate is a hardy repeat flowering shrub rose with double smoky chocolate russet red scented flowers in summer and autumn suitable for full sun.

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