GROWING ON , READY 2020. From China, Rostrinucula Dependens is a rarely seen shrub that doesn't draw attention to itself for much of the year, sitting quietly in its corner with its arching stems clothed in mint-scented dark green leaves rather like those of a buddleia. But, come the end of summer into autumn, Rostrinucula Dependens turns itself into a something like a waterfall of dangling racemes of pink to lilac pink flowers. Peculiar in the proper sense of the word. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 4 to 6 feet. 2 litre pot.

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When your rostrinucula is in flower, you will understand why it is sometimes called weeping buddleia or weeping butterfly bush. It’s quite an arresting and unusual sight. There are only two species in the genus, this one and R. Sinsensis. Both hail from hilly landscapes in China and are not especially fussy about soil, tolerating a degree of drought, and are equally happy in full sun or where they are partially shaded. In cold areas or severe winters Rostrinucula may die back to the ground, so don't worry if it does. It will be back next spring! Prune it in autumn and again in early spring if required.

The genus name Rostrinucula means little beaks, referring to the appearance of the nutlets that follow the flowers. The species name is fairly self-evident, given the dangling nature of those nice pinky lilac flowers. We are aware that a named variety, Happy Cascade, has recently appeared on the market (we think it is an introduction by the Belgian nurseryman Willy de Nolf) so maybe Rostrinucula Dependens is finally about to go mainstream!

Rostrinucula Dependens is a hardy deciduous shrub with pendant lilac pink flower racemes in late summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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