Sphaeraclcea Childerley will perform virtually non-stop from summer into autumn with masses of saucer-shaped apricot coloured flowers on a compact shrub with felted evergreen leaves. Pluck up your courage and prine it hard in spring for best results., and as required during the summer to reinvigorate flowering. Sunny spot. Any reasonable well drained soil. To 3 feet. 2 litre pot.

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Sphaeralcea Childerley is beautiful but all too rarely seen. Probably because these shrubs have a reputation for being a bit tender, but we find they are fine here in the pampered sun-kissed South of England. Up North you might want to provide some shelter, we suppose. In either case, a key to their winter resistance is having them in well drained soil and in a spot sheltered from northerly or easterly winds.

Spahaeralcea are mainly North American natives, flourishing in arid scrubby sites. We guess that Childerley is a form of S. Munroana, which has orangey flowers, but we can’t swear to that. Nor to the origin of the varietal name, other than to suggest that there is a strong chance it has something to do with Childerley Hall, a Cambridgeshire manor house with a restored 16th century garden.

We usually grow Sphaeralcea Newleaze Coral as well. Hard to choose which is nicer: maybe the peachy colour of Childerley just shades it, though its coral red cousin arguably has a better habit. Hmm.

Sphaeralcea Childerley is a hardy semi-evergreen shrub with grey green leaves and saucer shaped apricot flowers in summer into autumn suitable for full sun.

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