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Tamarix Tetrandra is one of those plants that, the first time you see it (in flower), you just have to find out what it is. A graceful arching shrub or small tree which, in early summer, has branches lined with fluffy pink flowers, giving it a delightfully airy, cloudy appearance. The rest of the time it's quite nice anyway, with its fine, needle-like leaves. Sunny sheltered position. Any reasonable soil. 8 -10 ft. 2 litre pot. 5 litre pot specimens are available for collection or local delivery only.


Those of you with a coastal garden or who have sandy soil will like Tamarix Tetrandra, as it comes from areas in the Balkans and western Asia where it grows in coastal areas or inland salt marshes. So salt in the soil or in the air isn’t going to faze it; indeed, the tamarisk tree is sometimes called the salt cedar. In Cornwall you will often see it grown as hedging, and what a sight that is when it’s in bloom.

This is the early season flowering version of tamarisk; there is another popular species Tamarix Ramosissima (confusingly it has a synonymous species name Pentandra) which flowers late season, with Pink Cascade being the best known named variety of this species. This one can be a bit of an invasive plant in places with warm winter climates, so, for example, in the south western states of America it has to be cleared from the riverbanks where it has taken over. Thankfully, this is not a problem here in the UK, and you plant a tamarix without fear of it becoming a thug.

One explanation of the manna from heaven enjoyed by the Israelites in the Sinai desert has it that this was a secretion from a species of tamarisk that grows there. For more on that and, indeed, on growing tamarix, take a look at this article.

Prune Tamarix Tetrandra back after flowering to maintain shape: it will tolerate pretty severe pruning if required. On which subject, tamarix is a popular subject for bonsai treatment, Take a look on YouTube and you will see what we mean.

Tamarix Tetandra (Tamarisk) is a hardy large shrub or small tree with needle like leaves and fluffy pink flowers in early summer suitable for full sun.

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